Adjustable Piano Bench – Ideal Adjustable Bench Models for Teachers

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  • March 7, 2012 11:12 am

The piano bench plays a significant role in teaching. All teachers are looking for a piano bench that can match each and every need they have for piano teaching. Although there are various types of piano benches available on the market, you can only find one model that is ideal for people who are into piano teaching – the Adjustable piano bench.

Adjustable Piano Bench – Why It is Ideal for Teachers

Teachers are looking for a type of piano bench that could give them a seat that is adjustable and comfortable at the same time. A piano bench which features height-variability allows the pianist at any height and size to sit at a comfortable position at the piano. It is just good to know that there is a piano bench that contains this very remarkable feature.

Adjustable piano bench is considered as one of the most popular piano bench type in the industry.  This is due to the fact that adjustable piano benches are found to be very beneficial for many musicians out there most especially for students and teachers.

Cameron & Sons Adjustable Piano Bench

Cameron & Sons is one of the leading piano bench manufacturers in the world. When it comes to piano benches, they are among of the piano companies which produce a wide range of quality benches. Their popular piano bench type is the Cameron & Sons CS-15 EBHP Leather Adjustable Piano Bench that comes with a Music Storage.

The CS-15 EBHP Adjustable piano bench model is found to be perfect for pianists especially for teachers. It comes in a dimension of 30 inches in length, 40 inches in depth; and can be adjusted from 19 inches up to 22 inches in height. Durability is also guaranteed when you purchase this piano bench model since it is made of solid hardwood construction with a durable and long-lasting mechanical lifting mechanism. CS-15 EBHP provides comfort for the piano teacher with its upholstered seat with premium cowhide leather. In addition, this model of adjustable piano bench from Cameron & Sons comes finished with a diamond style button making it more elegant and stylish.

Adjustable Piano Bench Benefits

The adjustable piano bench is ideal for teachers since it allows them to achieve the right coordination in playing their instrument. Teachers are able to adjust the bench to the most suitable height of their student. This then helps their students attain proper posture which could help them increased their productivity.

The CS-15 model from Cameron & Sons provides true comfort. The comfort factor plays also an important role for piano players, most especially for teachers. This piano bench has a padded which makes it more relaxing for teachers during the course of teaching piano lessons to their students. Adjustable piano bench models are designed to render real and long-lasting comfort to pianists throughout the period of practice and performance. They are ideal for those active pianists who spend most of their time playing with their piano. Adjustable benches are widely-used in schools, music conservatories, restaurants, and other public establishments since they are an ideal compliment for any type of pianos.


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